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Weltkulturen News 02

Personal, social and political commitment is of enormous importance – not only for a museum, but for each and every community too. We hereby dedicate this issue to all those who actively support a good cause. Showing commitment to a museum – that means gifts, donations and voluntary work. But this level of enthusiasm is not only evident from the volunteers. Our freelance staff  is wholeheartedly passionate about our educational work, our exhibitions and our collections, despite the often unfavourable conditions of their contracts. Our permanent employees clearly feel a deep connection to the museum and its contents, displaying a dedication that goes way beyond their official roles. Articles on training the next generation of conservators and on meticulously conducted research into provenance bear witness to this. Members of our friends’ association explain why they are committed to the Weltkulturen Museum, and a multiplier in the “Kultüröffner: Museum” programme talks about her social commitment. Extending the theme of our exhibition in the Weltkulturen Labor, a Sea-Watch media representative reports on the deployment of the rescue ships in the Mediterranean Sea. The Weltkulturen Library once again supplies some perfect reading tips, and their is an interview with the Iranian director of the movie “Chauka, Please Tell Us the Time”, which is also shown in “Worlds in Motion”. In addition, we give an insight into our cooperation with activists from the USA and South America. We are always keen to make sure the voices of committed people can be heard. The exhibition “Worlds in Motion. Narrating Migration” provides so many points of reference in this respect that we have decided to extend it until 31st January 2021. The museum team would like to thank all those who are committed to supporting our work.

General informations:
• Design concept: Michael Satter
• Graphic design: Michael Satter 
• Editors: Christine Sturm
• Publisher: Weltkulturen Museum
• Authors: Various
• Photography: Various
• Portfolio Photography: Peter Wolff
• Year: 2020

Technical informations:
• Format: 285 x 400 mm
• Pages: 32
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