Studio Michael Satter

Yes It’s Loud Enough

Dear Readers, it is about time we explained ourselves, time we gave an introduction to what we are, what we have been working on for the last 13 years and with whom we have shared the experience. Robert Johnson is proud to present, as a special addition to the book Come On In My Kitchen, our first newspaper: El Barrio de Europa. This time, instead of inviting our beloved artists to play at our club, we came to them. We visited them in their homes, studios and favourite restaurants, made our way through to wherever we could find them, from the centre of Paris, up north to Oslo and to a lost street in the eastern part of Berlin. We are now very pleased to share, on the following pages, conversations, interviews and contributions from our friends, resident DJs and fellow artists. Please enjoy with us the company of: David Lieske, Prins Thomas, Ricardo Villalobos, Innervisions, John Roberts, Oliver Hafenbauer, Chloé, Smallville, Stefan Marx, Finn Johannsen, Gerd Janson, Klaus Stockhausen, Andrew Weatherall, Ivan Smagghe. Yours, Ramona

General informations:
• In collaboration with: Sandra Doeller
• Graphic concept: Michael Satter
together with Sandra Doeller
• Graphic design: Michael Satter
together with Sandra Doeller
• Editors: Arno Raffeiner, Inga Danysz
• Photography: Inga Danysz
• Translations: Chin-Gi Hong,
Carol Christine Stichel
• Year: 2012

Technical informations:
• Format: 350 x 510 mm
• Typefaces: Various
• Print: Reel-fed offset
• Print Run: 25.000